Afternoon Tea Cocktail Party - learn how to use tea in cocktails

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


In this class you will learn 3 different ways of adding tea to cocktails, a perfect way to add layers of flavor. Rebecca will walk you through making a single serving of one cocktail and multiple servings of a second. Preparing larger format cocktails is super fun & helpful for knowing how to have cocktails ready to serve to guests upon arrival at your next event. Or simply just having a cocktail ready to enjoy straight from the fridge when you're thirsty ;) Cocktails can be made alcohol-free too! If you’d like to experience this event as a more involved tea party, prepare some scones, crustless finger sandwiches and a hot pot of your favorite tea. You could even wear a fancy party hat, or dress as the Mad Hatter or in pastels if you’d like! (preparing food and dressing up for this event is entirely optional!) This class is designed to guide you in crafting cocktails using ingredients & tools you likely already have at home, or can easily pick up from your local grocery and liquor store. The goal in teaching these classes is for you to walk away with a deeper understanding of bartending techniques & how to make balanced & delicious cocktails in your home. After signing up for the class, you will receive a list of tools & ingredients to gather for use at the start of class. You will also receive a zoom link for the event. Rebecca is partnering up with Tea Fairy Brigade & Swap for this event. The Tea Fairy Brigade are a group of volunteers and tea lovers who share joy through tea and happy mail. Check out their fb page here:

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Fermented Tea & Sticky Rice Cocktail
Inspired by mango sticky rice, this cocktail will feature a sticky rice and fermented tea syrup to be paired with mango, peach or banana and your choice of aged rum, bourbon, brandy, or reposado or anejo tequila. Pu’erh is one of my personal favorite teas, I love the fermented black tea flavors. You can use oolong tea or a plain black tea if you’d prefer. This cocktail will be made as a portion for four people in a french press or large teapot (or large mason jar), which is a great opportunity to learn how to prepare larger format cocktails before any guest arrives at your event!
Arnold Palmer Spritz
Spritz style cocktails are perfect for enjoying at any time of the day and are especially delightful to sip on while eating. This spritz will feature your choice of green or herbal tea infused into alcohol (vodka, gin, white rum, blanco tequila). We will add in some sparkling wine or water, fresh and frozen fruits, and fresh citrus juice. When you sign up for class, you will receive an email with many ingredient options for this cocktail.