Clarified Milk Punch - equal parts lecture and preparation

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


Punch is thought of as the original cocktail. Taking its name from Sanskrit (meaning five), punch is made with five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, citurs, water, and tea or spices. Clarified milk punch uses the same collection of ingredients and adds milk to the mix, which will curdle. When strained slowly through the curds, the cocktail will clarify, removing impurities and color. Pretty cool! Milk punch is unlike eggnog and is not thick and creamy. It is a bright cocktail that is silken textured and has a long shelf stability. In this engaging class, Rebecca will offer a fun lecture on the history and science of clarified milk punch. To be followed by guidance in preparing a clarified milk punch, that will be completed by participants 2-24 hours after class. If you'd like to enjoy a cocktail while learning about clarified milk punch, we will craft a Paper Plane cocktail using the original recipe at the start of class.

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Paper Plane
At the start of class, if you'd like to, join Rebecca in crafting a Paper Plane using the original recipe of equal parts bourbon, Aperol, Amaro Nonino, and lemon juice. Think souped up whiskey sour! Yummmmo!
Red Plane Clarified Milk Punch
This delightful sipper takes a nod from the Paper Plane. Staying true to the original punch ingredients (alcohol, sugar, citrus, water, and tea), this punch will be made with red fruit syrup, black or herbal spiced tea, and fresh lemon and orange juice. Whole milk will also be added to this cocktail, which when strained, will clarify the punch. Bring your choice of bourbon, rum or vodka | orange liqueur or amaro nonino | and aperol.