Crafting Romantic Cocktails

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


'Tis the season to get romantic while we imbibe! In this hands-on virtual cocktail class we will be crafting two or three cocktails that are as poetic as the cheesy valentine's day cards you've been perusing ahead of this charming holiday. We will craft the cocktails step-by-step together, discussing the science behind making cocktails, while also enjoying some tunes and laughs. No previous cocktail crafting experience or fancy bar tools are necessary. You will be presented with many options in the ingredients, alcohol and bar tools that are needed to craft the cocktails. All cocktails can be made without alcohol.

Menu detail

Red Fruit Sidecar
We will craft a quick and easy to recreate red fruit and orange cordial for this Sidecar inspired cocktail. The combinations of fruit and lemon taste great with nearly any alcohol and the cocktail can be served in a sugar rimmed stemmed glass.
Sparkling Mint Julep
Sparkling wine tastes amazing with fresh mint, a splash of alcohol, squeeze of lemon and a touch of sugar. This cocktail also tastes amazing with nearly any alcohol and will be served with a red fruit garnish.
The Sbagliato is a classic cocktail in the Negroni family. A perfectly bitter sipper that is made with Campari, sweet vermouth and sparkling wine. Because the ingredients to make this cocktail are specific, it is an optional addition and fun way to use more of your sparkling wine and learn about the negroni. This cocktail cannot be made alcohol free.