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Brunch Recipes

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    Superior Donuts - S'mores Waffle Donuts

    These may be the entire reason donuts were invented — to be turned into a...

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    The Perfect Fried Egg

    Get that runny egg yolk and perfectly cooked white every time with this simple...

    Recipe by Matt Adlard

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    Things to Do With a Whole Chocolate Bar

    From a s'mores tart to stuffed French toast, chocolate bars have endless tasty...

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    Zucchini Torta

    Baked and topped with lots of cheesy goodness is the tastiest way to enjoy veggies.

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    Breakfast Cheeseburger

    Who says you can't have burgers for breakfast? We'll even toss an egg on it.

    Recipe by Erwan Huessaff

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    Cheesy Asparagus Brunch Bites

    The highlight of your morning meal will be these balls of creamy, savory...

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    Best Hash Browns

    These perfect hash browns are so crispy and satisfying, you'll never want to...

    Recipe by Jen Phanomrat

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    Egg in a Cloud

    What's not to love about curry bread topped with a super fluffy egg?

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    The perfect sweet treat for avocado lovers who may be tired of plain old...

    Recipe by Jax Tranchida

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    Spring Vegetable Quiche

    Packed with veggies and eggy goodness, this crispy quiche is perfect for...

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    Carbonara Toast

    Mix up your carbonara routine with crunchy bread instead of pasta.

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    Everything Bagel Bourekas

    These flaky, delicious Middle Eastern hot pockets are filled with eggs, chives...

    Recipe by Molly Yeh