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Cookie Recipes

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    "Trash" Cookies

    With cereal, potato chips and chocolate, these amazing treats are the ultimate...

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    Things to Do With a Whole Chocolate Bar

    From a s'mores tart to stuffed French toast, chocolate bars have endless tasty...

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    Gooey Chocolate & Graham Cracker Pie

    If you like s'mores, you'll love this chocolate-covered treat.

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    Tea Bag Cookies

    These simple, thoughtful cookies not only look great, but taste delicious too!

    Recipe by Jerrelle Guy

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    Argentinian Chocotorta

    Layered with chocolate cookies, cream cheese and dulce de leche, this dessert...

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    Mrs. Potts Cupcakes

    This cute Beauty and the Beast-inspired dessert pairs perfectly with tea.

    Recipe by Cayla Gallagher

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    Tim Tam Slam Macarons

    Combine French pastries with malty Australian cookies for an incredibly...

    Recipe by The Scran Line

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    Eggless PB & J Meringues

    You don't need egg whites to create light, fluffy and delicious meringues.

    Recipe by Vijaya Selvaraju

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    Giant Samoa Cookie

    When you can't get enough of your favorite Girl Scout Cookie, make your own...

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    Cookie Jenga

    This traditional family game just became an incredibly edible experience.

    Recipe by Julie Nolke

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    Nutella Mille-Feuille Cakes

    Crispy, creamy and elegant, these treats are a fancy way to enjoy Nutella.

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    Death by Girl Scouts

    Involving tons of chocolatey goodness and a variety of Girl Scout cookies,...