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Potluck Recipes

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    Things to Do With a Whole Chocolate Bar

    From a s'mores tart to stuffed French toast, chocolate bars have endless tasty...

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    Zucchini Torta

    Baked and topped with lots of cheesy goodness is the tastiest way to enjoy veggies.

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    Chicken Pot Tater Tot Hotdish

    Happiness is a chicken pot pie encrusted in the yumminess of a crispy, golden,...

    Recipe by Molly Yeh

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    Sushi Pizza

    You know you're a sushi lover when you enjoy rice and fresh fish by the slice.

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    Potato Salad 4 Ways

    Why make plain old potato salad when you can make Greek, curry, Sriracha and...

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    Beef Roulade With Sausage and Cheese

    Wrapped in bacon and filled with cheesy ham, this baked dish is for meat lovers only.

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    Zucchini Parmesan

    Eggplant has nothing on this warm and cheesy baked zucchini dish.

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    Churro Roll Cake

    Take your cake to the next level with cinnamon sugar and dulce de leche.

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    Giant Samoa Cookie

    When you can't get enough of your favorite Girl Scout Cookie, make your own...

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    One-Pot Chicken Chow Mein

    With this easy way of making chow mein, you can enjoy delicious noodles for days.

    Recipe by Seonkyoung Longest

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    Mac 'n' Cheese: Rags to Riches

    From unloved pantry stalwart to gourmet pub favorite, mac 'n' cheese continues...

    Recipe by Frankie's World

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    Spring Vegetable Quiche

    Packed with veggies and eggy goodness, this crispy quiche is perfect for...