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Tea Recipes

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    Tofu Rice Bowl

    Flavorful soft tofu on a bed of rice makes a simple yet delicious meal.

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    Healthy Bubble Tea

    Guilt-free bubble tea is so delicious, and most of the ingredients can easily...

    Recipe by Pankobunny

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    Thai Tea Truffles

    All the Thai tea flavor you love packed into a delicious little white...

    Recipe by Seonkyoung Longest

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    Ramen Cake

    Made with pound cake, sweet potato and berry jam, this bowl of ramen is hiding...

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    Matcha Milkshake Cupcakes

    Green tea dessert fans will fall in love with this matcha cupcake filled with...

    Recipe by The Scran Line

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    Golden Latte

    Warm turmeric tea is even tastier when topped with coconut milk foam.

    Recipe by Jerrelle Guy

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    Caramelized Apple Chai Clafoutis

    This baked treat is the tasty union of Indian flavors and a classic French dessert.

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    Matcha Cream Puffs

    Mini pastries filled with matcha-infused custard is the perfect dessert for...

    Recipe by Hungry AF

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    DIY Secret Purple Starbucks Drink

    Why wait in line when you can make the Purple Drink at home?

    Recipe by Amy Lee

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    My Every Morning Matcha Latte

    Start your morning strong with a matcha that includes ghee, coconut oil and more.

    Recipe by Danika Brysha

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    Thai Tea Cream Puffs

    If you love the spiced sweetness of Thai iced tea, you'll love this tempting...

    Recipe by Jen Phanomrat

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    Chai Latte Gummies

    Never worry about spilling your latte again with these easy DIY chai latte gummies.

    Recipe by Tastemade