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Los Angeles, CA


Lima-born Los Angeles chef and restaurateur Ricardo Zarate has been called “the godfather of Peruvian cuisine.” Perfectly capturing the spirit of modern Peruvian cooking, reflecting indigenous South American foods as well as Japanese, Chinese, and European influences with an American sensibility. His dishes range from classic recipes such as ceviche and Pisco sour to artfully crafted Peruvian-style sushi to a Peruvian burger. Zarate partnered with popular Los Angeles restaurant Hinoki and the Bird to launch a series of dining pop-ups in early 2016, alongside announcing the opening of his new restaurant Rosaliné in summer 2016. Divulging that Rosaliné will explore classic Peruvian dishes alongside ‘street-food’ fare updated with a California sensibility; Zarate will include small bites, placing an emphasis on grilled vegetables and dishes highlighting both land and sea. The streamlined menu will use a traditional Josper oven with open charcoal grill; infusing ingredients with smoky, rich, earthy flavors and spices, prominent in South American cuisine. In 2018, Zarate reincarnated Once, introducing his signature, elevated Peruvian cuisine to the Las Vegas Strip at The Palazzo in Spring 2018. In February 2019, Zarate opened Pikoh in West Los Angeles. Inspired by the culinary melting pot of the city, the all-day neighborhood restaurant infuses homestyle American cuisine with Latin, Asian and other international flavors that are “local” to Los Angeles.