Los Angeles, CA


Ashley was born and raised in Los Angeles and started cooking after receiving her degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management at Cal Poly Pomona. After working in the kitchen at Mozza for 2 years, she decided to travel and work abroad in Italy, where she met her husband, Riccardo (born an raised in Le Marche, Italy), while cooking at Michelin Star restaurant Righi la Taverna in San Marino. After living and cooking in Italy together for 5 months, they officially moved back to Ashley's home in Los Angeles, got married and worked their way through some of LA's best restaurants.
Riccardo has spent his time gaining well rounded knowledge from experiences and positions at Melisse, Providence, Angelini, and even Alinea in Chicago. Ashley spent her time learning in Italian kitchens such as Mozza, Angelini and most recently Bestia where she was Sous Chef for 2 years.
Both have a passion for food and quality ingredients and love to host dinner parties at their home for friends on their days off. Their food has an Italian soul with influences from the places they have traveled around the world.