Dinner Italiano "Summer Dinner"

In-PersonSoMa, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
Summer is here, and Dinner Italiano team presents the new menu inspired by island flavors . Sicily and Sardinia are dominant in this menu. We focus on the freshness of flavors, going through several classics of the Italian cuisine.

Menu detail

Fried Polenta with tomato salad
Small Plate
Fried polenta served with heirloom tomatoes and cucumber salad.
Torta di parmigiano reggiano
Small Plate
italian style parmigiano pie, made with a savory short dough and savory parmigian pastry cream.
Salmon Carpaccio, beets, hazelnuts, dill
Marinated salmon carpaccio in beet juice, served with hazelnut, arugola salad and dill mayo.
Saffron Potato Gnocchi with zucchini and shrimps
Small Plate
Infused saffron potato gnocchi served with a zucchini and shrimps. The sauce is made with suteed zucchini and shirmps fortified with a a shell fish reduction.
Clorofill Pappardelle with sicilian style pesto and parmigiano foam
Small Plate
Here we are revisiting a traditional Sicilian summer dish. Pappardelle are made with clorofill water and eggs. The sauce is made with roasted tomato, basil, fresh ricotta and pistachios. Beautiful balance between acidity and sweetness of the tomato and the richness of the ricotta, everithing finished with warm Parmigiano foam.
Perfect palate cleanser, an emulsification of vodka and lemon sorbet. Refreshing and perfect to prepare yourself for the dessert.
Cheesecake semifreddo, lime, macadamia nuts and peaches
Mixing american flavors and Italian techniques. Making a sort of "Gelato cake", cheesecake semifreddo flavored with lime, the lime gives freshness to the creamy semifreddo and is balanced by the sweet flavor of the roasted peaches. Instead of the classical cookie crum for crust we use a macadamia and lime Pastafrolla(italian short dough). Nice, refreshing and delicious!


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Dinner Italiano "Summer Dinner"

In-PersonSoMa, San Francisco
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