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Richard ObisoNEW MAKER!

Richmond, VA


Dr. Obiso is the Managing Director for Attimo Group, LLC (Whitebarrel) and is Director and Partner in Avila Scientific, LLC. His research focus is centered on product development and research management of biodefense-related research projects (specializing in the microbiology of human and veterinary health). He has had more than twenty-five years of experience in biotechnology, with an emphasis on basic research, product design and development, and project management. Dr. Obiso is a Managing Director and owner of Whitebarrel, a division of Attimo Group, LLC. Whitebarrel is a >5,000 case/year farm and commercial winery with locations across Virginia. Dr. Obiso is the lead winemaker and is responsible for oversight and management of wine production, vineyard operations, quality management systems, and day-to-day operations. Dr. Obiso serves as an executive chef for all of the Whitebarrel restaurants