Los Angeles, CA


Owner/Chef Rick Ryan is an Oklahoma born and raised rebel rousin, people pleasin, food flingin, devil disher. Degree’d in Boston, he chased a bakery dream all the way to Austin. There he got “the call” to come to LA to birth the beginning of the Grits concept. An idea forged in 2008 about bringing back the classic comfort foods that touch people’s souls, minds, and body. Rick is a firm believer in the Sunday Ice Cream Social, Cake Walk, Fried Chicken wars of God fearing Southern Baptist Women, and miles of tables piled high with covered casserole dishes as far as the eye can see. He has an extensive list of who has his Tupperware and isn’t afraid to go public about it.

We’re passionate about connecting people to their food, and to each other. We want everyone; the carnivore, the vegans, the gluten free, the lactose intolerant, and everyone in between to get their happy place lit up by our food and feel great about it afterwards. What we do is search for the best possible ingredients while keeping our food affordable for the masses. Our menu isn’t elitist, complicated, or riding on the coat tails of a fad. Unfortunately, our food has a boomerang and hover effect, so if you find yourself circling, don’t worry, pull up a chair and sit for a spell and a story, we’ve got a million of them.