Nasi Tumpeng: Indonesian Dinner

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland


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Tumpeng is a cone-shaped rice dish like mountain with its side dishes (vegetables and meat). Traditionally featured in the slamatan ceremony, the cone of rice is made by using a cone-shaped woven bamboo container. The rice itself may be plain steamed rice, uduk rice (cooked with coconut milk), or yellow rice (uduk rice colored with kunyit (turmeric))

Menu detail

Urap (sometimes spelled urab or in its plural form urap-urap) is a salad dish of steamed vegetables mixed with seasoned and spiced grated coconut for dressing.[1] It is commonly found in Indonesian cuisine, more precisely Javanese cuisine. Urap can be consumed on its own as a salad for vegetarian meals[2] or as a side dish. Urap is usually found as a prerequisite side dish of Javanese tumpeng, a cone shaped rice mound surrounded with assorted dishes, as well as part of a nasi kuning dish.
Klepon (pronounced Klê-pon) or Onde-onde is a traditional green-coloured balls of rice cake filled with liquid palm sugar and coated in grated coconut.[3] The sweet glutinous rice balls is one of popular Indonesian kue,[1] and it is commonly found in Indonesia
Chicken in bumbu rujak spice
Braised chicken in Indonesian spice
Stuffed tofu
Fried tofu fill in vegetables and chicken coat with flour batter.
Mie goreng
Indonesian style fried noodles
Tempe kering
Crunchy Tempe, potatoes stick, anchovy cook in lemongrass, palm sugar, shallots, garlic, and tamarind
Balado telor/spicy egg
Boiled eggs Cooke in chili sauce
Glutinous rice shaped in triangle dip in shredded coconut and drizzle in palm sugar syrup
Beef rendang
Braised beef with Indonesian spices and coconut milk

Nasi Tumpeng: Indonesian Dinner

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland
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