A culinary journey in six dishes!

In-PersonBedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn


Small (4-10 Guests)
asian, french
This menu references the different flavour profiles of various cuisines in an exploratory, inspirational, educational and enjoyable way. The menu references Asia, Italy, the Middle East, the UK and the US all in an introductory, non-challenging flavour profile way. No crispy insect critters or croc tails here! Engaging in new experiences in a friendly, engaging way adds to an environment where discovery and sharing can create fun and even friendship. All good all around!

Menu detail

Red Thai shrimp bisque with sweet pea-cilantro ice cream
Red Thai shrimp bisque with sweet pea-cilantro ice cream Sweet pea-cilantro ice cream is the perfect cold counterpoise to light spicy, floral Thai curry shrimp soup. Flavour, texture and temperature syncopation as you eat!
Spinach frittata with pickled radish
These mini creamy-eggy spinach frittata are so happy to be topped with a zippy, light acid radish crunch partner.
Middle-Eastern chicken liver mousse with sherry syrup
Sweet Middle Eastern spices like cumin, cardamom and cinnamon brighten light chicken liver mousse drizzled with sweet Amontillado syrup. A great balance of sweet and savoury. Middle Eastern belly dance with Spanish flamenco!
Roast tomatoes, burrata caprese, basil oil and black olive sorbet
Small Plate
Roasted herbed heirloom tomatoes accompany the luxurious buffalo milk mozzarella with rich creamy centre, drizzled with basil oil and accompanied by black olive sorbet, gradually melting to form the dressing, so each mouthful sings a different note of flavour. Opera Caprese!
Chinese five spice roast duck on rice crepe, lemongrass broth
Large magret duck breasts are rubbed with Chinese five spices, including star anise, ginger and licorice root, roasted and placed atop a rice crepe. The two bold ingredients are balanced by a light floral lemongrass broth. Yin and yang playing out perfectly on the plate.
Bourbon banana crème brulee
Welcome to Kentucky via Cambridge, England! Egg custard spiked with Bourbon, baked and topped with torched bananas. A truly “special relationship”!

A culinary journey in six dishes!

In-PersonBedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
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