Mama Funaro's Brooklyn's Sunday Sauce | Livestream Featuring Robert Funaro from The Sopranos

LivestreamNew York, NY


Soprano fans all over the world this is Eugene Pontecorvo and yes I'm still ALIVE! Instead of cleaning some timepieces in Brooklyn because they beat up Benny. We are going to create Mama's Funaro's Sunday meat sauce together. The secret to (like butter soft) meatballs and pork sausage. We will talk Soprano's, films , and some other TV shows I have been in too. And more importantly laugh with a nice glass of vino. Cooking with LOVE in our hearts, this we never fail us.

Menu detail

Mama Funaro's Secret Sauce
LOVE IN YOUR HEART --- Extra Virgin Olive oil Garlic Crushed Tomato Tomato Sauce Italian Sausage Chopped Meat Pork Chop Spices Meatballs