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Robin Nance
New Maker!
Portland, OR


Robin, or Nancy to her colleagues reins as the Portfolio Trade Engagement Manager at Beam Suntory. She earned her bartending chops back when drinks were blue and bartenders first aspired to be Tom Cruise, which led her to the role of Director of Operations for Bowery Street Enterprises, a restaurant group in Los Angeles. Opening eight venues over 5 years she learned the ropes from construction to day-to-day business. In May 2011, she opened Rosewood Tavern, a scotch, steak & craft beer venue. There her recreational whisky drinking turned into a full-blown passion as Rosewood hand sold its way to becoming the top Auchentoshan account in California that year, bringing her to their attention. Leaving LA for Chicago, drawn to city living and Midwest charm, three months before Morrison Bowmore expanded their Ambassador program. Having recently transitioned out of her role as National Ambassador for Auchentoshan Single Malt Whisky, to become Beam Suntory’s Portfolio Trade Engagement Manager, her passion is working with bartenders across the country.