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Robin WolfNEW MAKER!

San Luis Obispo, CA, USA


With over two decades in the industry, Robin has made her career creating memorable moments at the bar. An international award winning mixologist and drinks writer, she understands the importance of making your mark with what's in your glass.

A Theatre Major who spent a decade living and pouring drinks in NYC, this California girl learned the value of presentation and panache as she honed her skills during the cocktail renaissance of the 2000's.

Since returning to her California roots, Robin has embraced a culinary style of mixology, favoring local and seasonal components and a focus on originality, while maintaining the foundation of the classic cocktails she cut her teeth on.

Work with major brands like Patron, WhistlePig, and Grey Goose add scope and visibility to Robin's work, and as a member of the competitive mixology circuit, her travels through the US and beyond have offered the opportunity to research and develop her palate among some of the industry's true legends.