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Rodolfo GuzmánNEW MAKER!

Santiago, Chile


When the Chilean chef Rodolfo Guzmán opened his acclaimed restaurant, Borago, in 2006, his nation's restaurant scene was a little sleepy, to say the least. Before Borago, Santigo's most celebrated restaurant served Peruvian, not Chilean food.

Guzmán, who had worked at Andoni Luis Aduriz's acclaimed Spanish restaurant, Mugaritz, understood the possibilities of great cookery. He knew he could change people's perception of Chilean gastronomy. Struggling against local conservatism, and a more general lack of knowledge when it came to Chile's flora and fauna, Guzmán stuck up a relationship with his local university's chemistry, biology and botany departments to better understand Chile's hugely varied ingredients. He connected the ancient knowledge and cookery techniques of local, indigenous Mapuche Indian tribes, with the pioneering work of René Redzepi and Ferran Adrià, to create, or should that uncover and refine, his nation's larder. Rather than limit himself to fruits, grains, meat, and fish, Guzmán has dug down to include roots, flowers, algae in his remarkable cookery, winning over international food critics; his restaurant was ranked 42 in the World's 50 Best list of 2017, and can only climb higher, as this pioneering chef strikes out further into Chile's gastronomic hinterland.