Cover Rice, Hot sauce & Strawberry lemonade

Menlo Park, CA


peruvian, caribbean, latin american
Gluten Free, Local, Organic
Learn how to make authentic Cover Rice (arroz tapado) in this fun, hands-on livestream class with a Peruvian expert and chef owner Rodrigo Fernandini. VEGAN & VEGETARIAN ARE WELCOME, we can always replace the steak for tofu or whatever you want! There are no rules in the kitchen, so no excuses and lets have fun! The covered rice (arroz tapado) comes from the north of Peru, although covered rice is prepared in many parts of South America, it is a very simple dish that gets you out of trouble qu...

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Authentic Cover rice (arroz tapado), hot sauce, strawberry lemonade
we will learn - peruvian white rice style - fried ripe plantain - fried eggs - refreshing criolla salsa - creamy hot sauce - beef stew for filling - Refreshing strawberry lemonade