Authentic Peruvian Causa trio ( chicken, shrimps, fish) + refreshing drink, via Zoom !

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peruvian, seafood, latin american
Local, Organic
Learn how to make authentic Causa ( potato dough) in this fun, hands-on livestream class with a Peruvian expert and chef owner Rodrigo Fernandini. VEGAN & VEGETARIAN ARE WELCOME, we can always replace the steak for tofu or whatever you want! There are no rules in the kitchen, so no excuses and lets have fun! Causa is a Peruvian mashed potato terrine that's simple, filling and makes excellent use of Peru's potato bounty. ... Spike the mixture with a little lime juice and/or aji amarillo (Peruvian pepper paste) while mashing for extra flavor.. in this class we will present with 3 different fillings, chicken, shrimp & fish, learning different styles and sauces that can be use in different dishes as well, Learn new tips and techniques along side with chef Rodrigo. Once you sign-up I will send you the ingredient and equipment list so you can get the ingredients and kitchen tools! We will record the class afterwards so you can still access it!!! Cook Along or Just Watch the Class! My Instagram is: @rodrigofernandini

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Causa trio ! ( fish, shrimp, chicken) + refreshing drink !
we will learn: - authentic causa dough -chimichurri sauce -homemade mayo -fried plantain hash -hard boil egg technique (perfectly cook) -asian style seasoning -quick refreshing drink -knives techniques -plating presentation