Stuff potatoes/ Papa Rellena (meat & vegetarian ) with Peruvian ranch sauce, Criolla salsa & Hot Sauce (livestream)

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peruvian, hispanic, latin american
Kosher, Organic, Vegetarian
Papa Rellena is a a potato fritter and we will make two version meat and VEGETARIAN, this is a super flavorful and traditional appetaizer in Peru and all Latin america. The 2 sauces we are going to learn can be perfect with many dishes. Easy and flavorful dish, cook this recipe at home and surprise your friends and family. Learn a long side with chef expert Rodrigo Fernandini cooking techniques and usefull tricks and tips that will make you feel like a pro in your kitchen. nce you sign-up I will send you the ingredient and equipment list so you can get the ingredients and kitchen tools! We will record the class afterwards so you can still access it!!! Cook Along or Just Watch the Class! Instagram is: @rodrigofernandini VISIT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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Stuff potatoes/ Papa Rellena (meat & vegetarian filling) with Peruvian ranch sauce & Criolla salsa, (livestream)
We will learn: - Potato fritter techniques - beef filling - vegetarian filling -Criolla Salsa -Peruvian Ranch Sauce -Plating techniques -hot sauce -Kitchen tricks and tips