Amazon Fried Rice, Tacacho( mashed plantain dish) & spicy chalaca sauce

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Learn how to make these authentic Peruvian Amazon dishes in this fun, hands-on livestream class with a Peruvian expert and chef owner Rodrigo Fernandini. VEGAN & VEGETARIAN ARE WELCOME, we can always replace the protein for tofu or whatever you want! There are no rules in the kitchen, so no excuses and lets have fun! The Jungle of Peru offers an amazing and unique gastronomy with a strong personality ! We are going to learn 2 dishes that are super popular in that region, believe it or not the fried rice in peru is eaten in all region and the amazon style is the favorite of many !! with fried plantains and confit garlic/ginger sauce . Tacacho is typically served for breakfast but nowadays you can find it at any time of the day !. It originates from the Amazonas region. When mashed, the plantains are combined with lard, salt, and tiny pieces of pork rind. Dont miss out this experience and surprise your friends and family at home. Learn new tips and techniques along side with chef Rodrigo. Once you sign-up I will send you the ingredient and equipment list so you can get the ingredients and kitchen tools! We will also go live on instagram afterwards so you can still access it!!! Cook Along or Just Watch the Class! YOUTUBE VIDEO MAKING FRIED RICE: My Instagram is: @rodrigofernandini

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Amazon Fried Rice, Tacacho( mashed plantain dish) & spicy chalaca sauce
We will learn: -Ginger and Garlic confit sauce ( for dreassings, sauces, rices ) -Fried Rice technique -Knive skills -Traditional Amazon cooking techniques -Platin skills -Organization in the progress of a recipe - Usefull tips and trick in the kitchen for your dayle basis