Peruvian Ceviche with Rodrigo Fernandini

LivestreamNew York, NY

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Love seafood? Just wait until you get a taste of chef Rodrigo Fernandini’s Peruvian ceviche—one bite of this citrus-infused appetizer or main course, and your friends & family will be begging for the recipe. Learn how to make one of Peru’s signature dishes, where fresh white fish is the star of the show. Marinated in citrus and layered with red onions, chulpe corn, sweet potato and leche de tigre, Peruvian ceviche is so ingrained in the country's national heritage, it has its own national holiday; National Ceviche Day! Catch Rodrigo as he prepares his favorite seafood dish in this live cooking class sponsored by our friends at Honda. Go on, reserve your spot now and add this recipe to your repertoire.