Mi Peru, Fusion de Sabores

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
Local, Organic, Vegetarian
Mi Peru, Fusion de Sabores is a four courses menu put together by chef Rodrigo with the intention to promote Peruvian dishes that have been clearly influenced by other cultures such as African, Spain, and Chinese. Anticuchos de Corazon, made of grilled cow heart, is a dish created by African slaves brought to Peru by Spaniards. Conchitas a la Huancaina, a Peruvian dish that combines two regions of Peru, Coast and Sierra. Scallops from the Peruvian Coast meet Huancaina sauce from the Mountains. Tallarin saltado Criollo, a Peruvian sauteed spaghetti, from the Chinese influence of immigrants to the capital of Peru. Mazamorra Morada, Peruvian dessert mainly made in October (messMorado) in celebration of "Senhor de lo Milagros", a religious tradition. Mi Peru team invites you to join us and enjoy traditional Peruvian cuisine.

Menu detail

Papa a la Huancaina (amuse buche)
Huancaina sauce, soft potato ball, quail egg, crumbled fresh cheese, black olive dust
Anticucho de Corazon
Small Plate
Cow heart marinated in anticucho sauce for 2 days, Sautéed Peruvian corn, Potato croquette, aji amarillo alioli.
Conchitas a la huancaina
Small Plate
Grilled and baked fresh Scallops, huancaina sauce, parmesano cheese, Peruvian aji amarillo powder, chives.
Tallarin saltado Criollo
Sautéed beef tenderloin, crunchy red onions, tomatoes green onions, Peruvian yellow pepper, cilantro, spaghetti, and demiglace - oyster sauce.
Mazamorra Morada
Peruvian purple corn pudding, strawberries, pineapples, Mint.


Inca kola (Peruvian soda)
White Wine

Mi Peru, Fusion de Sabores

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco
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