Weeknight Meals with Roice Bethel

LivestreamGrand Terrace, CA

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Full recipe here: Think a flavor-packed, juicy steak is tough to make? Think again. Social media chef and food creator Roice Bethel, aka No Flakey Salt, shares his cheat sheet to cooking steak like a pro, every single time. Get your fork and knife ready, and prepare to dig into the perfect steak with pan sauce made with Holland House® Organic Red Wine Vinegar, served alongside chili parmesan asparagus. Skip the steakhouse and catch Roice in this live cooking class as he whips up a sophisticated dinner and shares how Holland House® Organic Wine Vinegars can easily elevate any weeknight dish. Whether you’re cooking for one or hosting the whole family, you’ll shine as a chef thanks to Holland House! Reserve your spot now — your taste buds will thank you later.