Sourdough Focaccia with Chef Rose Lawrence (Livestream)

LivestreamLos Angeles, CA


Bread. Bread is life. Focaccia is one of the oldest and easiest to make. Endlessly versatile you can add toppings, or make it into a pizza. We'll use whole grains and the markets bounty. Let your into to sourdough yeasted breads begin! Chef Rose Lawrence is the owner of Red Bread, an organic kitchen offering whole grain baked goods and preserves. She is also the Pastry Chef at Rossoblu, an Italian Restaurant in Los Angeles. Rose leads and develops the bread program and desserts. She teaches private and public classes locally and nationally.

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Sourdough Foaccia
We'll make Sourdough Focaccia! Intro to Sourdough Yeast Whole Grains Building Bulking Proofing Topping Baking Storing