Thanskgiving Pie with Chef Rose Wilde (Livestream)

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PIE PIE PIE. Thats what the day is really about! Need a little help to make your dessert stand out! Sign up for this Holiday Special Class. Not only will we cover building delicious pies but I will walk you through how to break down the recipes so you can hold the separate components in your fridge and freezer to bake fresh 9from frozen!) for your table. The ultimate get ahead and impress class can't wait to see you in this special Pie Party! We will make an all butter crust. We will make a delicious apple pie filling. We will cover double crust and crumble crust, We will make a sweet potato custard. We will make a toasted meringue. Class Recipes: Wholegrain Crust Apple Pie Filling Sweet Potato Custard Filling Crumble Meringue Emphasis on doing things by hand. Make your best pie yet! A portion of sales will be donated to the Los Angeles Food Bank. Thank you for your support!