La Mia Mania: Fresh Pasta and Market Plates

In-PersonArts District, Los Angeles Downtown


Pop-up space
BYOW,Provided,Available for purchase
Medium (10-15 Guests)
californian, vegan, italian
Local, Vegan, Vegetarian
Few things are more beautiful than the displays of vibrant fruits and vegetables at local farmers' markets. The flavors, colors, textures and scents inspire us to keep cooking, day after day after day... Join us for a 100% plant based dinner filled with local produce, where everything is made from scratch with all our love and care (cliché but true). Shared family style, because good company is the essential seasoning to any good meal. We look forward to sharing our food obsessions with you!

Menu detail

Melon & Lemon Basil Spritzer
Weiser Family Farms are famous for their melons for a reason! The juicy sweetness of ripe Charentais melons is complemented by the herb's bright zesty notes. Non alcoholic. (see below for the boozy version of this drink)
Bread and Butter
Small Plate
Our freshly baked sourdough bread and olive oil butter. Simple yet indispensable.
Smoked Beet and Tomato Salad
Small Plate
Smoked beet, tomatoes from the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, pickled green tomatoes and young wild arugula in an herb and lemon vinaigrette. Toasted hazelnuts, almond ricotta, radish soy sauce.
Hand formed orecchiette pasta, flash sauteed tomatoes, Milliken Farms' heirloom garlic, basil, and grated koji cured tofu (briny, little bursts of saltiness). Optional chili and bay leaf oil.
Eggplant and herbs
Small Plate
Whole roasted petite eggplants, seared preserved lemon and herb sauce, shishito peppers, pickled spring onions.
Pie and Ice Cream
A classic combination! We can't resist making pies in the summer. Stone fruit pie and homemade lemon verbena and vanilla bean ice cream.


Add St George Dry Rye Gin to your spritzer

La Mia Mania: Fresh Pasta and Market Plates

In-PersonArts District, Los Angeles Downtown
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