Vegan Risotto and Market Plates

In-PersonArts District, Los Angeles Downtown


Pop-up space
BYOW,Provided,Available for purchase
Medium (10-15 Guests)
italian, vegan, californian
Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Few things are more beautiful than the displays of vibrant fruits and vegetables at local farmers' markets. The flavors, colors, textures and scents inspire us to keep cooking, day after day after day... Join us for a 100% plant based dinner filled with local produce, where everything is made from scratch with all our love and care (cliché but true). Shared family style, because good company is the essential seasoning to any good meal. We look forward to sharing our food obsessions with you!

Menu detail

Aprium and Grape Spritzer
Light sparkling and tangy drink made from organic apriums and muscat grapes from Murray Family Farms. Scroll down to the add-ons to make it boozy!
Bread and Butter
Small Plate
Our freshly baked sourdough bread, olive oil butter, and pickled carrots. Gluten free option: gluten free crostini made from Ridiculous Baking Co baguette.
Red salad
Small Plate
Shaved red cabbage, red beet, citrus, radicchio, caper, toasted walnuts, and a whole grain mustard and red wine vinaigrette.
Mushroom and Onion Cream Risotto
Creamy mushroom stock and onion cream risotto, roasted hen of the woods and assorted mushrooms, black trumpet mushroom oil, crisped shallots, and sage.
Beans and Cruciferous
Small Plate
Locally harvested beans, shaved Brussels sprouts, chile oil roasted broccolini, cauliflower puree, topped with toasted almonds and lemon zest.
Caramel Apple Cake
Caramelized apple and almond rum cake, black bean miso caramel, lime yogurt and spiced granola. Gluten free option: similar cake made from gluten free flours.


Add a shot of rum to your aperitif

Vegan Risotto and Market Plates

In-PersonArts District, Los Angeles Downtown
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)