Homecooked Singaporean Vegan Feast

In-PersonArts District, Los Angeles Downtown


Pop-up space
BYOW,Provided,Available for purchase
Medium (10-15 Guests)
singaporean, californian
Local, Vegan, Vegetarian
Join us as we prepare some of our favorite dishes from back home, adapted using local produce from the farmers' market and without the meat -but all the flavor. For this dinner we'll be preparing some humble but delicious comfort foods, the kind of treats we'd share with family. We look forward to cooking for you! PS. While the food won't be anywhere near tongue-numbing heat, this meal isn't for spice haters.

Menu detail

Strawberry and Rose Shrub
Iced Gaviota strawberry and rose drinking vinegar topped with sparkling water and chia seeds to start the evening. In the mood for a boozy drink? Scroll down for the gin add-on.
Gado Gado
Small Plate
Indonesian in origin, gado gado is a composed salad of crunchy and starchier vegetables and chewy components for a plate full of textural contrast and color. Crisp lettuces, thinly shredded cabbage, green beans, bean sprouts, marinated tofu, seared tempeh, cucumber, potato, lontong (compressed rice cakes), crackers... with a slightly spicy peanut and tamarind dressing.
Chai Tow Kway
Small Plate
Scrambled tofu and Chinese turnip cake with scallions. Traditionally made with eggs, this dish of pan-fried soft tofu and steamed turnip and rice flour cakes is an essential comfort food.
Stuffed Eggplant
Small Plate
Tender roasted eggplant stuffed with mushrooms and five spice, in rice wine glaze. Savory and meaty from the mushrooms and spices, a little bit like a mushroom Marsala stuffed eggplant.
Vegetable and Lapcheong Stirfry
Small Plate
Sweet and smoky Chinese sausage and lightly stir-fried market vegetables with garlic and preserved immature blueberries.
Rice Pilaf
Small Plate
Fragrant jasmine rice cooked with vegetable broth and topped with fried shallots.
Pandan Marble Cake
Pandan leaf, coconut and vanilla bean marbled cake with warm banana and palm sugar sauce. Pandan is a Southeast Asian herb that is used for its distinct nutty flavor and green hue in many dishes, savory and sweet.


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Homecooked Singaporean Vegan Feast

In-PersonArts District, Los Angeles Downtown
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