Berkeley, CA


“I’ve lived in Saigon, Vietnam my whole life. My grandmother started a neighborhood restaurant there 60 years ago. She left the restaurant to my father, and he left it to me. Since then, cooking has become my life … and I love it! My restaurant in Saigon, Dong Hoa Xuan, has become quite popular in recent years.

“Eight years ago, I met my husband, Joe, in Saigon. We both LOVE Vietnamese food and we started our blog For five years, we rode the streets of Saigon on our motorbike, enjoying and writing about amazing Saigon street food. In 2014, Joe and I relocated to Emeryville. I love California now and I'm continuing to create and share my favorite Vietnamese meals with our new neighbors through home-cooked meals and 'Pop-Up' dinners. I plan to offer the same family recipes that I prepared in my Saigon neighborhood restaurant. I hope you'll enjoy these dishes as much as I enjoy preparing them!