Sally Byrd
Richmond, VA


I'm just a simple home cook. I've been cooking for about 35 years, everything from large holiday feasts to every day lunches. I love to entertain and to feed people. We recently moved to a large house and now can comfortably entertain many people, which we do pretty often. Our dining table folds out to accommodate 12 or we can split the table into two, smaller cafe-style tables. It's fun to play with the theme and layout. I love to share my home and food with others. I have also recently started a small kitchen garden out back. It's a great feeling to share food I've grown. I started cooking as a teenager. I watched Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, and Jeff Smith. They all taught me so much. (My parents weren't great cooks and my mom hated cooking). What I love most about food is the comfort it brings. Getting to know people over the course of a meal - well, it creates family.