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New York, NY


My name is Sally, I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and I have a thing for helping people eat healthy flavor-filled meals.

I'm an actress and acting coach who happens to have a passion for delicious food and wine. I created a show called 'Pop Pairings' with my business/creative partner Sandye Wilson and then 'Soul Food Whole Food' . Committed to turning folks on to the ABC's of healthy eating, and great wines while bringing awareness to a healthy Holistic way of living and eating . Being half Jamaican and American and watching both grandmothers slay in the kitchen gave me an understanding of taste and flavor, FAST FORWARD to my 20's and working in some of New York's hottest restaurants as a waitress and hostess, but mostly hanging out in the kitchen studying chefs ,honed my skills by watching what they did and how they did it . I'm not vegetarian... I just love to cook and serve fresh, flavor filled, simply prepared quality food and hopefully turning people on to a healthier way to cook and enjoy it all. I also love to dance while I cook!!