Georgian Supra

In-Person Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
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An introduction to the wines and cuisine of the Republic of Georgia. In collaboration with Jenny Holm of The Georgian Table ( About Jenny: "I got hooked on Georgian food while living in Russia and eventually moved to Georgia to learn to cook it myself. I founded the blog The Georgian Table in 2014, where I share recipes, stories, and news about Georgian food and wine with an online community of more than 1,000 people."

Menu detail

Selection of Georgian Wines
A representative from Georgian Wine House will be in attendance to discuss Georgian wine-making traditions. Georgia boasts one of the world's oldest wine-making traditions. We'll offer a selection of Georgian wines fermented in the traditional style--with the grape skins and stems in clay vessels, called qvevri, that are buried underground where the temperature remains constant.
Assorted Pickles
Pickled leeks, garlic, tomatoes, and cauliflower.
Georgian Salad
A pan-Soviet classic; tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, garlic, opal basil, cilantro, sunflower oil, and red wine vinegar.
Pkhali Duo: Spinach and Beet
Small Plate
A duo of vegetable pâtés: spinach and beets (respectively), mixed with ground walnuts, garlic, cilantro, parsley, coriander, and vinegar. Served with authentic Georgian bread from Berikoni Bakery in Brighton Beach.
Roasted Chicken with Tkemali
Perfectly roasted chicken smothered in homemade tkemali plum sauce. Tkemali is prepared from tart green plums, garlic, mint, cilantro, coriander, and cayenne.
Small Plate
Somewhere between a sauceless lasagna and a savory noodle kugel, this dish is made from sheets of homemade egg noodles, layered with butter and a blend of Georgian sulguni cheese and crumbled Bulgarian feta. Baked to create a crispy golden crust, with a creamy, cheesy filling.
Badridzhani Nivrit
Small Plate
Tender slices of fried eggplant marinated in garlic, garnished with cilantro.
Kada is one of the few traditional Georgian desserts. It is a flaky, buttery strudel-like pastry whose filling derives its rich, nutty flavor from toasted flour mixed with butter and sugar.
Peach and Wine Sorbet/Walnut Ice Cream Duo
Inspired by the spectacular orchards and vineyards of Georgia: a scoop of summer peach and white Georgian wine sorbet, accompanied by a scoop of rich, homemade walnut ice cream.

Georgian Supra

In-Person Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
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