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Salt and Pomegranates

Brooklyn, NY, USA


I was born to a family of great home cooks, in a household that loved to entertain. Our family sat down to a home-cooked-from-scratch meal every night, and we didn’t even have a microwave until I was nearly out of high school. My mom, my first culinary instructor, taught me to butcher and roast a chicken when I was fourteen, and I’ve always loved cooking shows and experimenting in the kitchen. After taking a detour through the art world (I have a BA in Art History and worked in a contemporary art gallery for several years), I decided to take the plunge and go to culinary school. I graduated from The Natural Gourmet Institute in 2009, and have been working as Personal Chef in New York City ever since.

As the daughter of Soviet immigrants, I grew up eating dishes from all the former republics without knowing anything about their origins. When I realized that some of my favorite 'Russian' dishes were actually from Georgia, I decided to dig deep into this rich culinary tradition with my supper club, Salt & Pomegranates.