Sam Tan's Kitchen: 8-Course Lunar New Year Banquet

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Banquet (20+ Guests)
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Usher in Chinese New Year in true Malaysian style, with a sumptuous and unique 8-course feast from Sam Tan's Kitchen! From the explosively delicious "New Year Salad" to the intricate traditional cookies made from scratch, this indulgent menu is carefully arranged to not only thrill your palate, but symbolically herald good fortune with each bite. Gong Hei Fatt Choy! *Served family-style *Substitutions politely declined. Thanks for understanding! *This meal is BYOB! Alcohol add-on available

Menu detail

Prosperous Pineapple Punch
Pineapple = "ong lai" in Chinese, which translates literally to mean "prosperity come". Kickstart that luck with this auspicious welcome drink!
Lunar New Year Salad with Salmon Sashimi
a uniquely raucous Malaysian/Singaporean tradition! grab your chopsticks, toss high with your entire table and loudly call out your wishes for the year. a dazzling rainbow of almost 20 ingredients, including homemade crunchy crackers, a tangy plum-sesame dressing and fresh fish for abundance. *contains raw salmon, peanuts, gluten and too many colorful veggies and fruits to list.
Wok-Fried Chinese Long Beans
long beans for a long life. with STK's signature sambal chili. *contains shrimp paste, soy and sesame
Hainan Poached Chicken
a whole tender chicken infused with ginger and scallion, for togetherness and completion. soy and sesame drizzle. homemade garlic chilli and ginger-spring onion dips.
Crispy Roast Pork Belly
marinated meat with orange-golden crunchy crackling. for strength and wealth.
Fragrant Butter Shrimp
shrimp is "har" in Chinese, so this is for laughter and ha-ha-happiness! :) *contains shellfish, dairy and soy
Hainan Oil Rice
Rich and flavorsome jasmine rice cooked in chicken broth. The perfect accompaniment to all of the above!
Chinese New Year Petit Fours
a curated selection of STK's traditional cookies. handmade from scratch, down to the pineapple jam. *contains wheat and dairy
BONUS COURSE: Mandarin Oranges
a little parting gift, to wish you a wonderful year ahead!


Take home a tub (8oz) of Sam's Sambal Sauce!
Take home a tub of Sam's Garlic Chilli Sauce!
Add rum to your Welcome Drink!

Sam Tan's Kitchen: 8-Course Lunar New Year Banquet

In-PersonArts District, Los Angeles Downtown
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