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Samir P Mogannam(83)
San Francisco, CA


'I always knew my mom was a great cook. She would cure olives, pickle turnips and cauliflower, make all the signature Arabic dishes and the list goes on and on. As a young professional cook, I only appreciated her cooking and techniques more and more as I grew. With that said, I am very excited to share, reinterpret, and celebrate my deep ancient culture and recipes with you!'

Samir grew up around food service coming from a family well know in San Francisco for their passion for food, with his father starting BurgerMeister and cousin starting Bi-Rite Market. At 19 he came across a hole in the wall kitchen in the Mission called Mr. Pollo, the farmer's market driven 4- course tasting menu ($15 at the time) by Chef Manny Torres inspired him to cook. Samir's stage at Mr. Pollo, where the menu changed everyday would serve him as his culinary training before he started cooking professionally. Today at 25, the young cook has worked at The Palace, Prubechu, Aziza, and Al's Place. Inspiration for Samir's 'Tazza' dinners comes from the home cooking of his mother who is from Jordan.