Sushi 101: Interactive Livestream with Chef Sam

LivestreamNew York, NY


ChefsFeed Experiences cooking classes are a chance to virtually connect with chefs and bartenders, learn simple cooking tricks and tips, and most importantly, support the culinary community through this difficult time. 100% of ticket sales are for Covid-19 relief, to financially support the individual class instructor, their restaurant staff, or a charity of their choice. --- Chef Sam is a Japanese Cuisine/Sushi expert in NY. He started his career working in fast food restaurants to then working for Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant group. His time with Morimoto Restaurant group was highly valuable as he was able to refine his skills/techniques and walked away as a sushi expert by learning from some of the best. From there, he decided to join NY's Sushi by Bou & Sushi by M to explore another Japanese concept called 'Omakase'. In this class he will go over how to make sushi rice, properly prep ingredients, and share his step-by-step guide.

Menu detail

California Roll
Rice, Seaweed, Crabmeat, Cucumbers and avocado
Cucumber Roll
Small Plate
Rice, Seaweed, Cucumber
Rice, Seaweed and any filling of your choice
Battleship Sushi
Small Plate
Bite sized sushi appetizer with any filling of choice, i will use crabmeat
Fish over rice