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Manhattan Beach, CA


Pure Palate: Sustainable Food Adventure

Pure Palate is a culinary approach that inspires wellness through an understanding of natural ingredients, confidence in the kitchen, and global cuisine. Each experience will take you on a holistic journey emphasizing your five senses and enabling a conscious connection between you and your food.

Adding a generous dose of enthusiasm, excitement, and creativity to the culinary world, Sarah began her career at the French Culinary Institute in NYC. After graduating, she worked for 2 years as a line chef at Mario Batali’s Lupa restaurant. Needing to act upon her wanderlust and take a hiatus from NYC, Sarah then worked as a chef for a European touring company. As she planned menus, purchased ingredients, and prepared regional cuisines, Sarah encouraged passengers to join her in the kitchen, on walking tours, and for dining excursions.

Sarah works as a Culinary Producer and Food Stylist. She has spent the last 10 years working regularly for Food Network, ABC, FOX, TLC, The History Channel, and CBS. She has worked and produced various shows such as; “ BBQ Pitmasters”, “Frankenfood”, “The Next Great Baker”, “Iron Chef America”, “The Best Thing I Ever Made”, “Hungry History”, “Chopped”, “The Chew”, “Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals”, “Brunch with Bobby”, “Cooking For Real”, and many more.

Sarah’s true passion is instructing. She remains intoxicated with ideas of food, examining it as an art form, act of pleasure, and phenomenon that engages all cultures. Her outwardly gregarious personality and upbeat attitude are her greatest strengths as a culinary instructor. She has traveled the world, experiencing the visceral effect of food and culture, sampling authentic cuisines, tantalizing her palate and leading culinary retreats. She looks forward to taking you on a global, flavor journey!