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Sarah Edith ObearNEW MAKER!

Milwaukee, WI


Sarah's interest in the culinary industry sparked as a child; growing up, she could always be found playing in the kitchen. At the age of 15, she took her first job in a local café, and her dedication to the career blossomed. After earning her degree in Culinary Arts, she worked under Chef Stefano Viglietti of Sheboygan, Wisconsin before relocating to Le Rêve Café. Upon her introduction to French fare, Sarah worked her way through the ranks of the kitchen and has now found her stride as Le Rêve's Chef de Cuisine. As Chef de Cuisine, she interweaves her passion for the unique product and refined cooking with Le Rêve's history of classic, traditional French cuisine. Sarah takes a particular interest in Milwaukee's numerous charity events, continuing Le Rêve's long-term dedication to hospitality excellence. In doing so, Le Rêve is gifted with an environment driven towards authenticity, spirit, and a devotion to the lifelong learning of all things food. Together, Sarah and her team offer dynamic innovation and creativity to Milwaukee's culinary field.