Sarah Massey(90)
San Francisco, CA


For the past three years, aphrodisiacs have been my passion. What are real aphrodisiacs? Do they really work? How can I incorporate oysters and champagne into every single meal?

Cooking with the seasons, working with a local farmer, serving healthy, whole-food meals is the focus of all the meals I create. Yes, my food will get your endorphins and blood flowing, and it will also benefit your overall well-being.

I invite you to taste my cuisine, notice your own reactions and take home recipes to practice your own seduction suppers. Cooking together and eating together is already a sensual experience. Adding aphrodisiacs is fun and flirty. I look forward to sharing the joy with you.

I've loved cooking my whole life. While my professional experience in the kitchen is not formal, it does educate my service skills and safety knowledge. I worked my way through college in restaurants as a server. I also worked as an Innkeeper for a time at DC's the Swann House, preparing daily breakfast, baking treats and cooking plated weekend brunches for 30 guests.

Over the past 25 years, I have been an informal student of cuisine, picking up new recipes and techniques in Mexico, Europe and the Middle East. Most recently, I've incorporated cooking with the seasons and organic, whole foods, as a CSA member. My approach is high-flavor with low fat, heart-healthy and delicious. Today, I am developing a recipe blog around aphrodisiacs.