Ultimate DIY Dessert Treat Box

LivestreamChicago, IL


Replay Available
* Get 35% off (and more!) on ALL of Sasha's New Experiences by Subscribing to "BAKE IT" Club! Use code SASHA100 at check-out for free subsciption on your first month! In this live class, you will learn: - how to make homemade meringue, marshmallows, and chocolate treats and sweets - how to prepare, work with, and care for silicone molds for the ulimate perfect result every time - how to temper and work with white, milk, dark chocolate, as well as candy melts/candy coatings - how to color chocolate and candy coatings for vibrant, beautiful colors every time - how to display and decorate your dessert treat boxes Sasha's Recipes that you will learn in this class: - Homemade Meringue treats (making live, recipe provided) - NEW: Angel Cloud Stuffed Cookies (to be made prior to live class; recipe provided) - Homemade Fluffy Marshmallows (to be made prior to live class; recipe provided) - Flavored and Layered Melted Chocolate (making live) - Gourmet Popcorns (making live from already popped popcorn) Ingredients That You Will Need: - White, Milk, Dark Chocolate - White Candy Coatings/Candy Melts, or Easy Candy - Standard Baking Ingredients: butter, flour, sugar, salt, eggs - Candy's of choice (gummies, chocolate truffles, mini pretzels, oreos) - Freeze Dried Fruits/ Berries of choice - Plain Popcorn - Optional: edible dusts, sprinkles - Optional: Macarons (check out my Macaron Live Class from April 7th) Equipment And Tools You Will Need: - NYCake Molds Kit: 25% off with code KIT15: or any other silicone molds of your choice - Stand or Hand Mixer - Containers/Bowls for melting and mixing - Piping Bags - Cookie Baking Sheets -- If you can't attend at this time, don't worry! RSVP anyway as this class will be recorded and you'll have access to watch it anytime after the livestream. You will not be able to purchase this class once it streams, so RSVP now even if you can't make it at the specific time.