Macaron Troubleshooting for any method: French, Italian, and Swiss

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NEW on TASTEMADE with Sasha Cakes Chicago - Macaron Troubleshooting Masterclass These little finicky cookies are not as cute when it comes to baking. Isn't that the truth? If you have ever tried making macarons, you'll agree that every gram, every move of the piping bag, every drop of the food coloring counts. But we are here to "set you free" from any macaron disaster with Sasha's mind-blowing macaron shells recipe, a completely new technique that has never been shared before, and a complete Troubleshooting guide. The new recipe will save time and lead you to perfect results every time, even in humid conditions, small and large ovens, and even does not have to be "rested/dried". During this detailed 3 hour live course, Sasha will be covering everything you need to know about baking perfect macarons every time, and it is suitable for both the begginers and experienced bakers that want to improve their macaron making skills. What will be covered during this class: - best tools and ingredients needed - Sasha's NEW macaron recipe - importance of measurement and care of the ingredients - preparing the macaron batter - properly splitting and coloring the macaron batter - properly baking bright WHITE macarons - easy macaronage and piping techniques - variety of baking temperatures and times - variety of macaron filling techniques - maturing, storing, and serving macarons Ingredients That You Will Need: - Egg Whites - Granulated Sugar - Powdered Sugar - Almond Flour Equipment And Tools You Will Need: - Stand or Hand Mixer - Containers/Bowls - Piping Bags - 0.5 " , large round (1A Wilton), large open star (1M) piping tips - Cookie Baking Sheets - Silicone Macaron Baking Mats, or Parchment Paper - Large and Small Silicone Spatulas - Bench or Cake Scraper -- If you can't attend at this time, don't worry! RSVP anyway as this class will be recorded and you'll have access to watch it anytime after the livestream. You will not be able to purchase this class once it streams, so RSVP now even if you can't make it at the specific time.