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Sean Gallagher

New York, NY


Chef Sean Gallagher grew up in Connecticut, with a family deep rooted in the restaurant industry. With a passion for food, Chef Gallagher started working in restaurants at the age of fourteen years old. His grandmother was a Chef and showed him at a young age, the beauty of food. Chef Gallagher has had an obsession with food for as long as he can remember, and with almost 11 years of experience in kitchens under his belt, Chef Gallagher brings to the table diversity in food with a flare for creative meals. Using the freshest seasonal ingredients, he is able to prepare meals for clients that suit their tastes and give them a memorable experience. Chef Gallagher’s passion is farm to table cuisine, sourcing fresh produce and proteins from local and sustainable origins. as well as teaching others how to lead a healthy lifestyle full of not only nutritious, but also delicious food.