Lavender Leg of Lamb

In-Person Thousand Oaks, Berkeley


Small (4-10 Guests)
Lamb butchery takes time and patience, requiring a delicate touch. The taste is worth it because lamb cooked well is delicious. My favorite part is the hind Leg. It offers so many options to the cook. You could have steaks, stew, kebab, and best of all a roast. Getting to cook the whole leg is a thrill and I look forward to sharing everything I have learned. Hope to see you there!

Menu detail

Cucumber and Tomato Salad
Small Plate
I love really good tomatoes. Growing up I never ate them unless cooked forever into a sauce. Moving to California and getting to experience the taste has stuck with me and I really enjoy eating them. Right now cucumbers are in season and pair well for a light salad to start the dinner. Produce is from the Kensington farmer's market and edible flowers from my garden.
Sauteed broccolini and peppers
Small Plate
Gypsy peppers are in full bloom at the markets. With all the colors of the rainbow these are a great addition to the meal. Broccolini and Lemon will balance out the dish and be a great accompaniment to the roast.
Roasted Potatoes
Small Plate
While the lamb is slowly roasting in the oven I will have it resting on a bed of potatoes. This ensures the leg cooks evenly and infuses flavor into the potatoes. They will crisp up and be a great pair for the vegetables and balance out the meal.
Lavender Leg of Lamb
The lamb for this meal comes from Emigh Ranch in Dixon, CA. A fourth generation grass fed lamb farm. Land management is at the forefront of their program and the quality shows. It is an absolute pleasure to get to butcher and cook this product. I got the chance to visit the farm last year and see how hard the family works to give these lambs a great life. Their hard work results in an amazing product I am proud to serve. Cooking a whole leg of lamb is one of my favorite recipes. Letting the Lamb marinate in fresh lavender and olive oil will create a great aromatic and flavor component to the roast. More info at 2-4 guests will have a boneless leg roast 5-10 guests will have a bone in leg roast
Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Honey Cookie
One of my signature dishes is homemade ice cream. I use the best eggs, cream, and herbs to create an ice cream you will not forget. Sweet Corn is in season right now and makes one of the best ice creams I have ever had. Infusing overnight the flavor makes the ice cream sweeter and have a deeper flavor. Fresh from the oven a honey cookie will end your meal on a sweet note.

Lavender Leg of Lamb

In-Person Thousand Oaks, Berkeley
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