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Sean McClureNEW MAKER!

New York, NY, USA


Started working in restaurants at the age of 15 as a dishwasher in my home town of Bradford, VT. I moved to Boston when I was 18 and continued to work my way up through the ranks of the back of the house. I eventually moved to the front of the house and did the same thing. I found myself most happy behind the bar, as it’s really the best of both worlds. I can still be creative, blending and balancing flavors as a chef does, but all while interacting with and creating an experience for the guests. I have run, developed, and worked in many programs such as Daniel, Craft, Le Bernardin, Dirty French, 21 Greenpoint, and Sweet Polly. I have been featured in many media publications such as The NY Times, GQ, Time Out NY, ABC, NBC, Fox, Food & Wine, The Food Network, Tasting Panel, and many others. I live in Brooklyn. The only other thing I’m just as passionate about outside of bars and restaurants is my little boy whine of which gets all of my spare time when I’m not behind the stick. I’m looking forward to owning my own place sometime in the near future.