Citrus Chicky Surf and Turf – One Marinade Three Ways!

LivestreamLos Angeles, CA


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Summer is here, and it's time to heat that grill! I love cooking outdoors, and the key for me is to make it quick and easy. That's why my citrus marinade is my go-to when grilling fish, chicken, and steak. And the beauty of this marinade is that it's also a dressing! Join me as we prepare this delicious, simple, and versatile marinade together to kick off your summer grilling. Slightly sweet, slightly sour, warm spices and just the right amount of heat will make this, one of your go-to summer marinades. This class will be held live via ChefsFeed. We will cook together, and I'll answer questions as they come up during the course and open it up to Q&A following. You may opt to cook along or observe the lesson. I can't wait to see you live!