Seti's Table: The Saffron Story, 5 Course

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Large (15-20 Guests)
persian, middle eastern
Gluten Free, Local, Organic
What you're about to experience is as if you were in Iran trying a homemade meal. In this menu, I'd like to introduce you to a unique culinary gem from my beloved Iran. Noosh e joon!

Menu detail

Orange Blossom Drink
Welcome refreshment, Seti’s signature Orange Blossom Chia Seed Drink
Pistachio Salad
Fresh herbs, Mix greens, Crispy Farro, Pistachio, Seasonal fruit with Orange Blossom Lime and Olive oil Dressing
Specialty from Shiraz, this dish is a beautiful saffron and yogurt infused Entree. Rice, saffron and yogurt. I'll add a layer of roasted eggplant and get ready to try the crispy Tahdig!
Chicken Yogurt
Marinated chicken with yogurt is one of the most common food in Iran. Either Bbq or roasting in the oven.Yogurt will make the chicken so tender and juicy. This dish will be served with Tahcheen.
Saffron & Pistachio Ice Cream
Bastani Sonati, in Farsi which means traditional Ice-cream is a must try experience in streets of Tehran and other cities in Iran. Usually there are long lines in front the ice-cream shop. Saffron, rose water/cardamom infused ice cream and pistachio.
Beverage Pairing available as an Add-on
- Gin Sekanjebin - Seti's Signature Mint-Vinegar Syrup Gin Cocktail - Glass of White wine paired with Pistachio Salad - Glass of Red wine paired with Entree


Gin Sekanjebin (Signature Mint-Vinegar Syrup)
Wine Pairing (Glass of white + Glass of Red)

Seti's Table: The Saffron Story, 5 Course

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco
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