Haleem: The Persian Style Brunch

In-Person Mission, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
Halal, Organic
In this menu I'd like to share a pure Persian breakfast experience with you! Simplicity is the key element in each and every dish/item that is chosen for this menu.

Menu detail

Persian Tea with Jasime
Black Persian tea brewed with jasmine.
Morning Platter
Cucumber drizzled with fresh Lime, Feta Cheese, Walnuts and Almonds soaked in water. Served with fresh Sangak bread. A simple yet tasty breakfast.
A traditional and popular meal in Iran that is usually served for breakfast. Haleem is a hearty and filling morning meal that is slow cooked for several hours, a paste-like consistency. This dish is made of wheat and meat (lamb that is mashed), with a very soft texture. Garnished with brown sugar and cinnamon. Butter will be served at the table for those would like to add a touch. In Iran there are restaurants that serve Haleem in the early hours of the morning or sell it as take-out.
Vegetarians: Nimroo - Crunchy Sunny Side-up Eggs
For vegetarians: Crunchy sunny side-up eggs fried in butter, served with fresh Sangak bread. Please send a message once you book your seat, so I can prepare accordingly.
Strawberry Jam
Small Plate
Homemade Strawberry jam. Jams are served with butter and Sangak bread. A must try family recipes! These jams contains less than half amount of sugar that is usually used for any jam recipe.
Orange Jam & Butter
A must try orange jam, a family recipe mainly made from orange pulps served with butter and Sangak bread.

Haleem: The Persian Style Brunch

In-Person Mission, San Francisco
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