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Shai Rosenfeld

Brooklyn, NY, USA


I am a chef and baker (and Theater Artist) working with Hungarian traditions as well as modern Middle Eastern cuisine. Having worked for private clients through the years in Israel and around the US, NYC is my new culinary home. My influences from growing up in Israel, with its fusion of different cultures, together with my family's European traditions make my tastes diverse. My grandmother was a professional Hungarian baker and I took on her role making all the sweets my family could not live without.

My passion ranges from healthy fresh and vegan style to slow cooked stews. I enjoy working with dough and most of my meals are accompanied by a warm bread made from my own sourdough. In the end, that piece of sweet cake with bitter coffee following a great meal is really where it comes together.

When you come to my home for a feast you are accepting an invitation to be truly welcome. You will not only be experiencing amazing food but its stories and origins, Great conversation and the experience of breaking bread together will make your meal something you won't soon forget.

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